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Due to player's clients crashing due to the massive amount of vehicles on our OpenTTD server we have had to introduce some new max vehicle limits. These new limits are:

128 trains,

128 road vehicles,

128 aircraft,

96 ships.

Companies that had more vehicles than these new limits have had many of their vehicles sold, and we are very sorry to all players affected.

We hope that these new limits are now low enough to allow the majority of clients to connect and play. We would appreciate any feedback or information from players on any issues they encounter while playing on the server via our forums, chat servers, or email to info(at)

The Ketchup.Games OpenTTD server has been updated to OpenTTD version 1.10.2.

Additionally a large area of problematic track causing significant client side lag and numerous "SignalSegment too complex" errors has been cleared. Apologies to the players who owned the track affected; correct signalling on complicated railway junctions can help avoid this issue in the future.

Unbeknownst to me the OpenTTD has been inactive for a long period after being paused on the server-side; the sever has now been unpaused and should be running smoothly again.

I have also taken this opportunity to change a few server settings. Firstly the bribing of town councils has been enabled to allow players to muscle into each other’s territory. Secondly, disasters have been enabled to try and throw a spanner into the works for companies that are having an easy time. Finally, and most notably, a server password has been added to reduce the amount of random players joining only to lock up a company slot with a password and never actually play. The password required to join the server is "freki".

The OpenTTD server has been updated to OpenTTD version 1.10.0

We have also created a mod for the server to allow for the saving and loading of company passwords between server restarts. We hope that this runs without any problems, however this mod is untested and we are the guinea pigs, so apologies if there are any instabilities or problems. The source for this mod can be found at

Players should take note not to use passwords they use elsewhere as their company passwords, and that something simple like “AppleGoatStew943” should suffice.

With these developments we have also dropped the server’s join password, and anybody is free to join if there is space available.

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