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The Ketchup Games OpenTTD server is currently offline.

Connection address:

Or search for '' on the server list!


IRC: #ttd on

The openTTD server features a medium sized map to encourage competitive gameplay while still being accessible to new players. The map also has a high sea level in order to make boats and aircraft valuable assets as you build your transport company. Vehicles are set not to expire when they are out of date, and the server has no ending time limit.

We do not have any rules regarding the blocking of industries, sabotaging other player's shipping routes or otherwise targeting another company's assets. With this in mind some precautions should be kept in mind. When building train lines or roads be careful that you are not building somewhere that can be easily flooded. When logging in take a look at your vehicle lists to make sure you aren't running unprofitable vehicles and lines due to the disruption of industry. When planning shipping routes consider whether or not they can be easily blocked and be aware you may need to make a costly investments in 'canals' through the sea to ensure they are not.

We run a modified server build to allow for the saving and loading of company passwords between server restarts. Players please note that you should not use passwords that you use elsewhere as your company password; something simple like “AppleGoat” should suffice. Information on our modded server can be found at

If you would like to help with the upkeep of the community servers you can do so via Paypal. You can also read more about supporting us here.

Never played OpenTTD?

OpenTTD is a free, open source game where you take control of a transport company building buses, lorries, trains, ships and aircraft to compete with other players and run the richest and furthest reaching network.

You can download OpenTTD for desktops free at or for Android devices on Google Play.

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