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Supporter Banners
Read about supporter banners here!

Ketchup.Games is supported by the community. If you would like to support the upkeep of the servers financially you can do so via paypal.

Supporter Banners

Many of our players love to share their gameplay via Twitch, Youtube and other content services. As a small thanks to our community supporters they are offered the option of having banners of their own added to the lists of "supporter banners" that appear around the site to show off their content or just to share their own message to anybody visiting the site.

If you would like to add your banners to these lists please contact us via the email address you use for Paypal with your banners at the sizes specified below, and a link to direct people to when they click on your banners.

To protect our users we cannot link to personal sites, and will only accept links and images sending users to large content providers that regulate the content posted on their sites, such as Twitch and Youtube or the forums as we do not have the time or resources to moderate third party sites to check for security problems, dangerous content and so on. Banners with no link at all can also be requested.

Once a banner has been approved it will be added to a list which the site will cycle through on each page visit.

To prevent banners from recent supporters being obfuscated the site will only cycle through the banners from the last 8 supporters. If you already have an approved banner attached to your email address we will bump it for you without the need for you to send us your banner again and wait for it to be approved.

It is important to note that this is just something to say thanks to our supporters, and that you are not purchasing a service of any kind. There is no guarantee that we will use your banner, particularly if it does not meet our guidelines. All banners will have the same priority on our banner list regardless of the amount you choose to donate.

Banner Sizes

Desktop site banner: 120x400px

Mobile site banner: 400x120px

Supporter Banners
Read about supporter banners here
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