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The Factorio server now runs 'KetchupTeams' rather than the 'Freeplay' scenario.

KetchupTeams is a small script written to allow players a way to manage their own Factorio forces using 'teams'. I have done this to allow players to be competitive without having to manually manage any forces myself.

V0.1 is an unstable pre-release of what will be the "first real" KetchupTeams release, and is lacking many features that are soon to come, such as a simple GUI and details on team information. Right now user's options are rather limited, but they can create teams, invite players to teams and kick players from teams using console commands. Details on these commands can be found using the '/kt' command in-game, or by visiting the project link at the bottom of this article.

As this is an unstable pre-release of the script and is the first time the script has been run in a live environment any bug and crash reports are very much appreciated. Please send any such reports to the contact information provided.

You can find more information on KetchupTeams at


On another note the server can now be found in Factorio's public server list.

We have opened a Factorio server! You can connect by joining

Supporter Banners
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