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[build] Farm Base

1 year 6 months ago #9 by ketchupmonki
[build] Farm Base was created by ketchupmonki
I am quite fond of this little base, so I figured I would immortalize it here before abandon it to the explorers and griefers.

The Barn
Everything useful for the base is in one long barn.

Out front is the entrance, and an allotment to the right.

Inside at the front there is a ‘living’ area.

And upstairs…

There is a small bedroom.

The rest of the barn contains pens for the animals.

Each of which has its own outdoor area as well.

At the back of the barn there is a small tack area and another upstairs space.

The upstairs area is just for aesthetics, filled with hay bales.

In front of the barn there is a small area for the chickens.

And behind there is a school with a couple of jumps for the horses.

The other large building on the base is the windmill.

Inside is a large hopper and ‘grindstone’.

Upstairs there is a small honey farm. I was going to stack the hives to the top of the mill but after I got a working design I lost interest. It isn’t the most efficient design anyway…

Downstairs in the basement there is a large number of barrels.

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