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The Factorio server hosts a map with the default frequency of enemies, terrain types and so on. Resources have been increased to make setting up a fresh base easier for new teams and to draw more focus towards combat and less focus on spending hours finding the perfect spot to set up base.

We run a custom scenario, 'KetchupTeams' that allows players to create and manage their own teams within the game. This scenario is currently in a pre-release state and this server is the testing environment, so please report any crashes or bugs you encounter in the game.

As an anarchy server we have no rules. If something is possible in the game you are free to do it. We will not ban players for griefing or attacking others. Please have fun and try not to take things too personally. You are free to use any exploits possible in the game and take advantage of any client side hacks or cheats that may exist. We encourage players to discuss any hacks, cheats or exploits they are aware of on our forums so everybody can take part in the fun.

You can find more information on KetchupTeams at

Currently the server has no rules, and players are encouraged to attack and pillage other players bases to their hearts content.

Our servers are powered by the community, and if you would like to help with the maintenance costs of this server please find more information on doing so at


Normal chat in game doesn't work across forces. Use /shout to talk to players in different teams.

Supporter Banners
Read about supporter banners here
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