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At the request of our players we have a Discord server available at:


Due to the recent retirement of one of our servers our IRC server is currently unavailable; but will be back online soon. (23/05/2021)

As we host servers for open source games we also have an IRC server so that nobody is required to used non-free software to keep in touch with the community. Our IRC and Discord chats are synced so nobody misses out. You can connect to our IRC server at:

In order to join channels in our Discord server you must be logged in using your username and password. If you don't have a username and password you can register here.

Once you're registered and you account is confirmed please identify yourself on the server:

/msg NickServ identify MY_KETCHUP_GAMES_PASSWORD


IRC Channel Directory

General chat for the Factorio server.

General chat for the Anarchy Minecraft server.

General chat for the Armagetron Advanced/Retrocycles server.

General chat for the OpenTTD server.

For conversation that doesn't belong in focused channels.

Providing periodical news and forum updates.

Use /join #channel to join.

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