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About is a small community focused network of video game servers. We started the network in early 2020, with one goal; that being to enable players to play network games in any way they wish, with very little in the way of rules and boundaries. We feel many online communities get far too bogged down trying to control their player’s actions in order to keep other players happy. In the network we feel that problem players that work against the status quo, which other servers may ban or silence, aren’t necessarily an awful thing, and that such players actually add a level of extra challenge and fun to gameplay; and if such a player works against your goal than rather than having a moderator just ban it may be more fun to beat them at the game instead.

Outside of the game server, such as in the Discord server or forums we ask that players try their best not to take things to seriously. Disagreements are bound to crop up between players, and that is fine to express, but players making ad hominem attacks may be asked to step back and take a breather to regain composure. Additionally the sharing of any kind of ‘adult’ content on the forums or Discord server are not allowed. is powered by the community, and players wishing to contribute to the network, financially can find details on doing so at

For general enquiries please contact

Recent News

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Shortly into Ketchup Anarchy's second week of being online player 'pstree' has killed the Ender Dragon. We would like to congratulate pstree for their achievement and we are impressed by the player's swift action on defeating the dragon so soon after the server's debut.

The 16th of Feburary 2020 marks the opening of the Ketchup Anarchy Minecraft server.

The server is completely vanilla, and little has changed from the default settings. There are no rules on the server, and players will not be banned for griefing, stealing or using client side mods.

Players are free to connect to the server by adding to their Minecraft server list.

The Ketchup.Games OpenTTD server has been updated to OpenTTD version 1.10.2.

Additionally a large area of problematic track causing significant client side lag and numerous "SignalSegment too complex" errors has been cleared. Apologies to the players who owned the track affected; correct signalling on complicated railway junctions can help avoid this issue in the future.

The OpenTTD server has been updated to OpenTTD version 1.10.0

We have also created a mod for the server to allow for the saving and loading of company passwords between server restarts. We hope that this runs without any problems, however this mod is untested and we are the guinea pigs, so apologies if there are any instabilities or problems. The source for this mod can be found at

Players should take note not to use passwords they use elsewhere as their company passwords, and that something simple like “AppleGoatStew943” should suffice.

With these developments we have also dropped the server’s join password, and anybody is free to join if there is space available.

Unbeknownst to me the OpenTTD has been inactive for a long period after being paused on the server-side; the sever has now been unpaused and should be running smoothly again.

I have also taken this opportunity to change a few server settings. Firstly the bribing of town councils has been enabled to allow players to muscle into each other’s territory. Secondly, disasters have been enabled to try and throw a spanner into the works for companies that are having an easy time. Finally, and most notably, a server password has been added to reduce the amount of random players joining only to lock up a company slot with a password and never actually play. The password required to join the server is "freki".

Supporter Banners
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