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About is a small community focused network of video game servers. We started the network in early 2020, with one goal; that being to enable players to play network games in any way they wish, with very little in the way of rules and boundaries. We feel many online communities get far too bogged down trying to control their player’s actions in order to keep other players happy. In the network we feel that problem players that work against the status quo, which other servers may ban or silence, aren’t necessarily an awful thing, and that such players actually add a level of extra challenge and fun to gameplay; and if such a player works against your goal than rather than having a moderator just ban it may be more fun to beat them at the game instead.

Outside of the game server, such as in the Discord server or forums we ask that players try their best not to take things to seriously. Disagreements are bound to crop up between players, and that is fine to express, but players making ad hominem attacks may be asked to step back and take a breather to regain composure. Additionally the sharing of any kind of ‘adult’ content on the forums or Discord server are not allowed. is powered by the community, and players wishing to contribute to the network, financially can find details on doing so at

For general enquiries please contact

Recent News

(Only Show "Ketchup Anarchy Minecraft" News)

(Only Show "KG OpenTTD" News)

The Ketchup Anarchy Minecraft server has been updated to Minecraft version 1.16.3

Issues with the scoreboard have also been fixed, and a regularly updated scoreboard can once again be found at

Join by connecting to

The Ketchup Anarchy server has been updated to Minecraft version 1.16.1

Join by connecting to

The map has not been reset, so keep in mind you may need to travel far to new chunks with new blocks and biomes.

Players should be aware of an increase in scheduled restarts on the server. The server now restarts every 6 hours, at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00.

Though this change might be a slight inconvenience it has been made to reduce the TPS of the server, improving the experience for everybody playing.


At the request of players a couple of server settings have been changed this morning. Firstly the server difficulty has been raised from ‘normal’ to ‘hard’. In hindsight it should have been raised much earlier; that was a bit of an oversight on my part. Secondly the spawn radius has been increased very slightly to make the lives of those attempting to make spawn into a replica of The Nether’s lava oceans (Which I must admit is looking pretty cool…) a little harder.

A screenshot of the server spawn.

Regarding the Discord server, I have added a bot to keep Discord members up to date with any activity on the website’s news page or on the forums. These updates can be found in the new channel, #site-updates. With these updates I hope that casual conversation can remain on the Discord server while more long term topics can be nicely organised on the website, whilst still remaining accessible and active to players. Finally the information on the #about channel has also been updated.

Today marks the launch of our new community website,

The site features a page with all the general information on the server, a news category that will allow us to create more in depth news articles to keep users up to date with the goings on of the server, a new, extended leaderboard and finally community forums to discuss topics relating to the server.

As its early days for the site there may be a few issues with the layout here and there; if you find any such issues please let us know. Also, if you have any suggestions on something you think we should add to the site we are always open to suggestions.

Supporter Banners
Read about supporter banners here
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