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About is a small community focused network of video game servers founded in early 2020. We currently have servers for Minecraft, OpenTTD and Armagetron Advanced/Retrocycles, and encourage competitive gameplay, implementing little in the way of rules. If you want to grief, trick and steal from other players you won't get banned, however you may still make some rivals along the way. Our servers are full of friendly folks ready to welcome new players and show them the ropes so there is no need to be nervous joining our discussions or jumping into gameplay.

Outside of the game servers we have a few different places where players can stay connected including an IRC server, a Discord server and forums. On these platforms we ask that players try their best not to take things too seriously; disagreements are bound to crop up between players, and that is fine to express, but players making ad hominem attacks may be asked to step back and take a breather to regain composure. Additionally the sharing of any kind of ‘adult’ content on the forums, IRC or Discord server are not allowed. is powered by the community, and players wishing to contribute to the network financially can find details on doing so at

For general enquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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